Free Christian artworks

Free Christian 'Clip Art': Animals, Places, Objects

These Christian clip-art images and illustrations of Biblical animals, places, plants and objects are completely free. They are created for your use as teachers' resources for: religious education, presentations, colour-ins, time-lines, stickers, fridge magnets, puppet designs, bookmarks, cards – the list goes on.
We hope these clipart will equip you further in your presentation of God's Word and the Gospel.

Biblical Animal 'Clipart' Illustrations

Click on the Christian clip art image to download a free PDF file, (Approx, 100 KB each).
Donkey from the Bible Donkey from the Bible eating grass Donkey from Bible resting Donkey from Bible resting Donkey from Bible Happy Donkey from Bible happy
Donkey from the Bible Donkey from Bible Jesus Christ Riding Donkey Jesus Christ Riding Donkey

Mini Biblical Animal 'Clipart' Illustrations

Click on the Christian clip art image to download a free PDF file, (Approx, 100 KB each).
Frog PlagueBiblical Frog Locus PlagueBible Locus
Lamb of GodInnocent LambClipart CowCow Clipart Chicken clip artChicken Clipart Mouse ClipartClipart Mouse
Rooster Clipart Rooster CrowingInnocent LambLamb of God Big FishJonah Fish

Biblical Places 'Clipart' Illustrations

Throne of GraceGod's Throneclip art globeclip art World
Tree of Good and Evil Tree of KnowledgeEdenGarden of Eden
Noah's Ark IllustrationNoah's Ark Clip ArtNoahs Rainbow Rainbow Clipart
Cave of AdullamCave of Adullam Biblical WellDesert Well
Jesus StarChrist StarChristmas StableChristmas Manger
Crosses on the hill Three CrossesEmpty Tomb Christs empty tomb

Biblical Objects 'Clipart' Illustrations

Bible PotsBiblical PotsFire swordFlaming Swordaltar clipartAltar
Lambs Blood with Hyssopus Brush Lambs Blood painted with Hyssopus Brush
Davids SlingDavids SlingGoliaths SwordGoliaths Sword Davids HarpDavids Harp JavelinJavelin
Crucifix Nails and Hammer Crucifix Nails crown of thorns Christs crown of thorns Crucifix ClipartJesus Cross ClipartJesus Christ Crown Victor's Crown
Gift of Salvation Gift of SalvationScripture Scroll Clipart Bible Clipart Cute Bible

Biblical Plants 'Clipart' Illustrations

FigsFigFig LeafFig Leaf Olive Branch Olive BranchWheat SheafWheat Sheaf
Burning BushBurning BushPalm Sunday Palm Leaves clipart GrapesChrist Grape Vine
Palm Tree Biblical Palm Tree Dates Dates from Bible
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